TNT Custom Marine is installing its first set of Mercury Racing 1100 turbocharged engines in a 40 foot MTI catamaran.  The new engines were unveiled on February 17th at the Miami International Boat Show.  The 1100 pumps out 1,100 lb-ft of torque from 2500 to 5250 rpm (more than the 1200 SCi!) – and delivers 1,100 horsepower at its 6,500 rpm red line.  The engine has a little more power and a lot more torque when compared to the 1075 SCi.

As a loyal MTI boat owner, this is the customers third MTI boat and he is getting it painted and rigged for racing this fall.  The boat is scheduled to be completed by September and will be ready for the water upon leaving the marine center.  When pairing a 40′ MTI with 1100 Mercury Engines, this boat is sure to turn heads on South Florida waters.