(WWLP) – As you are a boat owner, you know that preparing your boat for a hurricane is just as important as preparing your home. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has some important safety tips for boat owners as you prepare for the hurricane season.

  • During the Hurricane Season, boaters should continually obtain the latest available weather forecast for your boating area.
  • Have a plan worked out with your marina operator so there are no questions or confusion when the time comes to tie up or pull your boat from the water.
  • Identify hurricane holes and safe harbors in the area in case you are caught at sea.
  • Realize that you may not be able to pull your boat out of the water. Precious time is lost if you are searching for gear as a storm approaches.
  • Boat owners should assemble emergency equipment and supplies, as well as all of the necessary gear on board to properly tie down their vessel.
  • Insure your vessel is as watertight as possible. Use duct tape and plugs to seal hatches, ports, windows, doors and vents.
  • Remove all electronics, valuables and non-essential items.
  • Have your insurance policies, boat registration, a recent photograph and description of the vessel, gear inventory, marina or storage lease agreement and important telephone numbers (local harbormaster, U.S. Coast Guard, National Weather Service, insurance agent) in a secure place off of the boat.
  • When you are through, help your neighbor. It only takes one poorly tied boat in a marina to destroy an entire dock.
  • Do not stay on the boat.

Source: www.wwlp.com