The famous MTI Windship boat was selected to be featured in the 2012 Mercury Racing wall calendar. With this boats eye-catching style it’s not hard to believe that this boat scored a spot in the calendar. MTI painted boat colors over its Mercury 1350 top and front covers for a truly custom touch over the standard colors of a mercury engine.

Designed and developed in-house, the turbocharged, multisport fuel injected Mercury Racing 1350 sterndrive is the culmination of over 70 years of engineering high performance marine propulsion. The massive torque and power output of the quad cam, four valve engine is transferred to the water via the all-new MB surface piercing sterndrive, hydraulic transmission and new Mercury Racing Pro Finish 5 & 6-blade CNC cleaver sterndrive propellers.

Celebrate your love for boats and the power of your Mercury Racing engine with this 2012 wall calendar. 12 months full of full color, high power photos. 2012 Mercury Racing calendars can be purchased here.

Source:; Rick Mackie; October 21st, 2011