dsc_7900Two MTIs competed earlier this month at the New York Super Boat Grand Prix, Team Broadco and Spirit of Qatar! Congratulations to both teams, as Team Broadco took home a first place finish, and Spirit of Qatar placed second!

President of Super Boat International, John Carbonell, was pleased with the day’s outcome. “We had a good field of big boats here and it was great to see the Sheikh’s new boat run. We shortened the course a little and added a few laps to make it more enjoyable for the fans. You could see the teams holding back a bit as the water was a little choppy out there and the course had a few hidden holes. I just appreciate everyone who raced here this weekend and everyone who came to watch. We saw a couple of new boats, Team Broadco’s MTI and the new Fountain, Absolutely Not, Superboat Vee. We had some great racing from Cleveland Construction and Team Instigator in the Extreme Class, so it was a real good weekend,” comments Carbonell.

Source:; September 11, 2013.