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Miss Mary Mac MTI

© Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.

Speed On The Water published an article last week featuring the speedy Miss Mary Mac MTI, as it made quite an impression at the OPA World Championships. Check out the article in full here, or read an excerpt from the article below.

There is big air and then there is big air—like the kind under Miss Mary Mac in this incredible Tim Sharkey image from the Offshore Powerboat Association World Championships in Ocean City, Md. By all accounts, what started out as flat water in the early to mid-morning turned to jumbled 3- to 5-footers by the time the races got started.

“I have never seen a turbine boat get that high in the air,” said Sharkey. “It’s level with the horizon. You could have stood underneath the drives.”

Throttling the 48-foot Marine Technology, Inc., catamaran with twin 1,800-hp T-53 engines was John Arruda of Turbine Marine, Inc., with Richard Chaney, the boat’s owner and driver, in the seat next to him. Even Arruda, who’s driven more than a few rough-water races, was impressed with the flight and hang time of Miss Mary Mac.


Source:; Matt Trulio; October 11, 2013.