20_SOTW02Speed On The Water Magazine just published their fourth issue, which includes a fantastic collection of images, titled 2013: Year In Pictures. While several MTI’s were featured in the publication, a photo of the Miss Mary Mac MTI catamaran, captured by notorious offshore racing photographer Tim Sharkey, was selected as the “Image Of The Year”, showcased catching some major air on the cover of the magazine!

“In covering a single event, photographers such as Jay Nichols and Tim Sharkey will return home with thousands of images. And then begins the long and tedious task of sorting through them for that one special shot, the one photo that either defines the event or makes a visual statement about it. While every image you’ll find in our “Year in Pictures” feature took a fraction of a second to shoot, each took hours to find. With that in mind, we dedicate this feature not just to the events and news—good and bad—of 2013, but to the photographers who delivered them all to Speed On The Water.”

Click here to view the newest issue of the magazine, as you’ll find several appearances by MTI throughout this issue!

Source:; November 1, 2013.