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Miami Boat Show Poker RunWith the Miami Boat Show wrapped up, it’s time to shift our focus to the next big event on our calendar… the Miami Boat Show Poker Run, including an MTI-ONLY lunch run. There are already many MTI’s signed up to participate, so we know this run will be one that’s remembered for a long time to come! Check out a portion of an article, courtesy of Offshore Only, covering the 2014 poker runs below, or click here to read it in full!

Mr. Florida Powerboat Club (FPC) a.k.a. Stu Jones offers another winning hand as poker run players hit the Florida Keys waters the following weekend for its 19th Miami Boat Show event, which launches this year’s schedule.

I talked with Jones last week regarding his plans to take poker running to a new level in 2014 and it starts next month with a twist on boat show participation. “It’s a boat show/poker run concept that allows people to enjoy boating this time of year,” Jones says. “The Palm Beach Boat Show will be poker run headquarters including our own dock.  I’m working logistics for a north/south course running out of Palm Beach.”

However, it’s the tweaking of a somewhat tried format that adds an extra ingredient to this performance mix: the inaugural Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run.  “I’m excited about the format,” Jones explained of the mid-May event that blends a dynamic combination of motorsports. “There’s a common thread among most people who like to have nice toys, they like to be around all things of horsepower nature.”

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We also want to thank everyone who visited us at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show! We had a blast with everyone we met at the booth, as well as those who joined us for some test runs out on the water! Check out the shots below for a glimpse of the action in Miami!

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Source:; Bobbye Miller Kenyon; February 13, 2014.