WarpaintAs we prepare for the 2014 Super Boat International Offshore Racing season, we felt it was suiting to update everyone on one of the teams that is notorious for ripping through the water in an MTI Cat. Team Warpaint rocks a 42′ Marine Technology Inc. catamaran, and was recently interviewed by Hammer Down Boating. Check out what Danny Crank, throttleman for Team Warpaint, had to say below:

What boat (make), size/ power are you currently running: We are currently running a 42′ MTI, powered by two 509 Sterling Performance Engines with Mercury #6 drives.

How did you get into offshore racing: “I grew up in Brick Township, NJ ,which is next to Point Pleasant—where the Benihanna offshore race was held—for years. Since I was young, it’s something I have always dreamed of doing. I got my start in the offshore racing industry at Kurt’s Marine in the mid 90s, as a mechanic/rigger, and then engine builder. I finally got the opportunity to race for the first time when I throttled the historic 35 Cigarette Dry Martini, at one of the first OPA races in Point Pleasant.”

Favorite course: “I have to say our favorite course would be Key West, because it can be very challenging for set up.”

Impressions of the Key West race: “We always love the Key West race, even though we have had some bad luck there recently. With 10+ Supercats possibly racing, they need to handle the starts differently, for safety.”

What happened on the start of the race on Friday in KW, and how are the repairs coming: “Anyone who has been in a cockpit at the start of a race can attest to, the visibility is limited, with the rooster tails and all. They changed where they started us from race one, on Wednesday, for some reason, and lined the fleet up in front of the green shipping can. When our canopy cleared off, the can was right there…..very disappointing, since we finished 3rd in race one. The boat is at MTI getting repaired, and will be like new when finished.”

Favorite competition/competitors: “I would say my favorite competition would be WHM, since they’re a great team, and seem to hit the setup every time. Billy Mauf has been racing for so long in this sport, he’s one of those big names like Copland, Rocky Aoiki, Arronow, etc”

Most unique Hammer down experience: “HMMM…..I have to say our stuff in 2011 since we’re pretty lucky we didn’t get hurt any worse, but we believe the old boat did its job by not coming apart when it submerged; the aluminum pod we sat in saved us.”

Source: HammerDownBoating; March 23, 2014.