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News From Mercury Racing: 1550 SterndriveMarine Technology Inc works with some of best engine manufacturers in the world.  Whether you are looking for the ultimate high performance race engine or just a powerhouse for your favorite pleasure boat, we can provide power options that best suits your needs and expectations.  MTI is a an accredited boat builder for Mercury’s T.E.A.M initiative.

The Mercury Racing Total Engine Application Management (T.E.A.M.) initiative is a factory-approved integration process for new Mercury Racing marine propulsion systems. The standardized process requires training of the entire OEM boat builder and dealer staff involved with the installation of the new Mercury Racing propulsion system. The program specifies qualified components to be used with the new product along with factory-approved product specifications.

Mercury Racing 1550 Sterndrive

Mercury Racing’s new 1550 dual calibration sterndrive features an advanced control system which enables the operator to switch engine power level via an electronic key fob. The Race key fob turns the engine into a pure bred race machine – pumping out one thousand five hundred and fifty horsepower on 112 AKI race fuel. The Pleasure key fob is selected when a more leisure ride is in order, creating 1350 h.p. on 91 octane (98 RON) fuel. Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize the engine performance at each power level.

The electronic fobs work off of Mercury’s Theft Deterrent System (TDS). The Race/Pleasure key fobs provide the operator visual cues via an interactive VesselView display. One key fob controls the horsepower output of multiple engines. The Theft Deterrent System (TDS) disables the vessel when an assigned electronic key is not engaged. The dual calibration enhances consumer value by offering essentially two engines in one; both backed by a factory warranty. This is not just a “valet key” where the engine is detuned; this is a fully integrated control system with switchable engine calibrations. The technology greatly enhances the boater’s experience by providing the option to switch to pump gas when in areas where 112 AKI fuel is not available or when full race performance is not desired.

News From Mercury Racing: 1550 SterndriveThe 1550 is the latest generation of Mercury Racing’s exclusive QC4v (quad cam four valve) engine platform. Engine durability has been enhanced with forged race pistons designed for 112 AKI race fuel for maximized torque and efficiency. The Mercury Racing intercooler filter with stainless steel element and housing is designed for ease of removal and cleaning. The 1550 features an engine mounted hot lead for ease in rigging to vessel battery isolators. The 1550 debuts all-new QC4v styling featuring hot new carbon fiber top and front covers.

The 9.0 liter quad cam four valve (QC4v) cylinder block and head design, combined with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), provides big power with luxury-car-like drivability. With the dual calibration of the 1550, you get both a race boat and a high performance pleasure boat.

The engine is backed with a 10 hour warranty at the 1550 power level (at 2000 RPM or above) or 1 year, whichever comes first.


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