Check out this awesome review of our MTI-V 42′ MTI Center Console by Powerboat Nation, as it will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show!  Click here to read more!

Giving up big block power does not come easy for performance purists and to suggest a center console is a simple substitute for performance and the ride at speed, could be described as a stretch, BUT, the cost of ownership, ease of care, and utility of these boats makes them hard to beat for a pragmatic performance power boater.

The MTI offering to the center console rush could be the closest boat to the performance side of our world. This 42′ MTI center console has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to meet the utility design and keep the heart of the boat in high performance.

Larry Goldman based in Miami has sold way too many MTI Cat’s to list and has tons of time in other center consoles. He described this new MTI-V 42 as “Incredible”. Larry said “The ride is outstanding; the boat accelerated, turned, and handled big water unbelievably well” We look forward to our first South Beach test ride in this new Sport Vessel from MTI.

Source:; January 14, 2013.