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Marine Technology Inc’s high-styled MTI–V 42 console remains a hit with performance-minded center console buyers, even 4 years after its official launch. Check out the article, below for more highlights about the V-42, as written by Matt Trulio of! 

Even in today’s sea of high-performance center consoles—and there are some stunners out there—no one will ever mistake Marine Technology, Inc.’s V-42 as anything other than an MTI. Like catamarans from the Wentzville, Mo., custom boat builder, the 42-footer boasts aggressive styling cues from top to bottom, not the least are MTI’s signature gunwale “hips” aft of the cockpit. Combine those hips with flowing hull and deck lines and a carbon fiber top that looks like something straight out of a modern art exhibit and you have a go-fast center console that’s not just hard to miss, but impossible to confuse with anything else.

But while MTI V-42 was introduced four years ago, the story of the boat begins five years before that with MTI founder/owner Randy Scism’s patented hull design for the decidedly deep-V-bottom boat, which features a 26-degree deadrise at transom.

“It took me five years to get the patent on the bottom,” said Scism. “I believe it works better than everything else in the performance center console market. It drives better, handles better and is more efficient.”

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